Saturday, April 16, 2005

Ene's scarf is finished!

I don't know why I can't get a good photo of her, not even in the natural light. Knit with knitpicks alpaca cloud, I think the color is mist. As lace knitting goes, I would say that it was an easy pattern to follow. The only thing I don't like about it is the 8-stitch garter stitch edging. If I had gone down a needle size or two I think that edging would have looked neater. The photo in the book doesn't show that edge very well, but what I can see looks like the stitches are tighter. The yarn in the photo looks heavier than the lace weight that I used.

I'm thinking about trying the new cotton yarn knitpicks is now offering. I bought the new VK and there is a bolero jacket with lace edging I would like to knit--just have to decide on a color.

In the meantime, I started knitting a purse from some scrap yarn. Every time I go shopping I look for a new purse, and haven't found one I like so I'll knit one instead.


Maureen said...

Clap,clap,clap...... absoultely gorgeous. Betsy, your lace work is always outstanding. Look forward to seeing your knitted purse.

HomeJewel said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! I have never tackled a lace project. You are inspiring me to try! Glad to hear the Knit Picks yarn worked well for you - the price is right!

Anne said...

Good work on your Ene's Scarf! I also bought Alpaca Cloud for it. I was just wondering, what needle size did you use? I didn't like the idea of a too loose knit (ie: using US 6) so I decided to knit it double stranded, using US 4. But that wouldn't give me the gauge they suggested. Any recommendations? Yours looks great!