Sunday, April 25, 2004

I had very good intentions of posting progress pics of my tank, but the batteries were dead in my camera. I was going to list some items on ebay, too. Phooey!

I've been very busy around the house now that the tax season is over. Last spring I bought some paint for the kitchen, but never got to that miserable job. Actually, if it was just the kitchen it wouldn't be bad, but I have to paint the dining room, hallway and laundry area all the same color. I ran out of paint on Friday and picked up two more gallons today. I still have the pantry and the hall closet to paint. Then I'm going to start the family room...

I bought a carpet cleaner and I tried it out on a small area; I think it did as good of a job as the steamers that you rent from the store. I've never hired someone to clean my carpets so I don't know how it compares to the job that they would do. Of course, all this means that as soon as the painting is done, the carpets are next.

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