Saturday, August 07, 2004

Yesterday, I ordered a one pound cone of Zephyr Vanilla from WEBS. Apparently I will be making lots of shawls or lace! I can make approximately 4 shawls from one cone. I'm waiting for my fall issue of IK to arrive. There is a shawl in there that I would like to look at before I order another pattern. I really like the Lily of the Valley shawl in Knitters Summer 04, but I don't want to make another shawl with nupps (bobbles) right after finishing Madli, who also has nupps. Then I found another shawl called Cherry Blossom in an old IK that I would like to make.

For Christmas, I'm considering spinning some lace yarn and knitting a scarf for my MIL. I don't know if I can spin my yarn fine enough for lace, though. One more thing to put on my to do list.


Maureen said...

Hello...I found your blog through a search for Madli's shawl. What beautiful work you have done. I just bought some lace weight merino and am contemplating this shawl. Your other lace work is incredible too.

Betsy said...

Thank you Maureen. I think you'll enjoy making Madli. I'm on a lace knitting kick right now and looking for another lace pattern.