Saturday, January 31, 2004

I've put my knitting aside so I could try handpainting. If I'm going to get more sheep, I need to spin up the roving I have stuck away in the closet. After looking at the beautiful handpainted yarns, I thought I should see what I could do with a little dye. I had some dye on hand, just enought to dye about 1 pound of wool. I used the handpaint method described on Gleason's Fine Woolies website. Truthfully, I don't follow directions very well, I tend to do things my own way. Since I didn't have a turkey baster or syringe I had to pour the dyes on the roving. When I was done with that step, I really didn't think I 'd like the final product, but I'm delighted with the way it turned out.

The colors are a lot richer looking in person.

The next attempt didn't turn out quite as well. Yuck!

So, I decided to overdye it with navy blue. I was hoping to keep some of the yellow, but I used way too much blue. I like it anyway. I hope it dries fast so I can spin it.

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