Friday, December 26, 2003

I have not been a very productive knitter lately. I frogged the furlana hat, but I did use the yarn for another felted purse; this one from Knitter's Winter 03, sorry no pics.
I think the clock vest from Folk Vests will have to wait, I made a couple attempts at starting it, but I didn't like the looks of the knit in back stitch.
Now, I've restarted Brigitte from The Best of Lopi. I'm using Lamb's Pride yarn instead of Lopi. I had this sweater over half way completed last winter but I thought it was puckered too much at the bottom so I made an executive decision and ripped it out. I might have been able to block it into perfection, but I didn't want to take the chance.

I've been thumbing through knitting mags and catalogues trying to decide what I want to knit next, but haven't made a decision yet. My youngest son wants a hat like the one I knit for my husband last month. So as soon as he chooses a color I'll get that yarn ordered.

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